Health and Well-being

There are incredible physical and emotional benefits to learning aerial skills

When joining a class, you’re immediately welcomed as part of the team, and encouraged every step of the way by your new aerial friends.

Training helps to clear the mind: you focus on holding yourself in the air, learning new positions, and striking a pose.  

Our safe environment allows you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, giving you a sense of achievement and renewed confidence that stays with you outside class. It’s empowering to see what your body can do!

Apart from being great exercise, aerial training helps you to

  • Build strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve coordination
  • Learn movement techniques
  • Gain muscular stability
  • Improve cardio-vascular health

And the emotional benefits include

  • Stress relief
  • Personal development
  • Form of meditation
  • Socialising
  • Anxiety relief
  • Building self-esteem

Well-being Messages

@mrs___jennifer "Left feeling super positive and full of those happy endorphins. It really is like a little hour of therapy to completely forget everything else going on in your head. 🤸🏼💘 "
@uliejay "It is my weekly self care... I see self improvement every week and I feel stronger.Weirdly it also clears residual headaches too (bonus!). The endorphins and adrenaline do wonders for me.
Everyone says how important self care is, but sometimes it's hard to achieve. I'm glad I've found something that suits me and I can fit around my currently manic life."
Phoebe teaching a workshop 2Phoebe teaching a workshop 3